4pcs Ring Guard Size Adjuster Spiral Coil Ring Fitter Tightener Set for for Loose Oversized Rings (2mm/5mm Coil & 3mm/5mm Flat Coil)

$ 7.00 $ 12.00

Are you upset by the oversized ring which you received as a gift? Our ring guards will solve your problem. This set of ring size adjusters of three sizes (2mm/3mm/5mm) and two styles (round/flat) will prevent your ring from sliding off your finger and make the size fit you perfectly. It is almost invisible, so it won't destroy the charm of your ring.

- Color: As shown.
- Material: PU.
- Size: 2mm/3mm/5mm.
- Made of high-quality material, eco-friendly and safe to use.
- Easy to use, soft and comfortable to wear, no pain or irritation is caused.
- Fits most types and sizes of rings, keep your loose ring in place.
- Almost invisible, hardly be noticed.
- Perfectly secure your ring