$ 41.00

A beautiful, multi color small drop Millefiori glass hand set in a Nickel-Free sterling silver frame pendant. Also includes a rhodium plate finish, which gives it its lustrous white gold appearance. Millefiori is a type of Murano glass that has been incorporated with various layers of colors to create beautiful flower-like patterns. Millefiori, which literally means “a thousand flowers”, is the denomination of a type of cylindrical, long glass rod which contains a specific pattern along its entire length, so that when cut into slices from one end, the particular pattern will be revealed. It is completely handmade of authentic Murano glass. This style of glass has been around since the Middle Ages and more recently, have been produced for fine jewelry.

Width 4.20g
Length 2.5cm
Dimensions 1.5cm x 2.5cm

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